Arid Desert Camping Trip - Camping with small trailer for the fuel and camping gear

Arid desert region of South Australia. Bosworth and Andamooka stations and Lake Torrens wilderness photographs and tips.

Camp near Wirrda Wells
Camp near Wirrda Wells on Andamooka Station

This website provides information, stories, digital images and fine art landscape prints for sale, from wilderness photography trips made over a couple of years.

Many separate camping trips from a temporary base at Roxby Downs are involved.

In the most recent trip to Roxby Downs, two camping trips were undertaken:

  1. Bosworth Station homestead to Station Creek, Andamooka Island and Lake Torrens. Through the gate at the boundry and onto Andamooka Station. On to Andamooka Waterhole and Wilaroo Lagoon. White Dam Opal Field. A total of 180km on the bike over six days.
  2. Andamooka Station homestead to Wirrda Wells. Back to Andamooka homestead and on to Wilaroo Lagoon. White Dam Opal Field. A short trip of three days, comming home a day early because of a dust storm.
Cup of tea
Billy boiled for a cup of tea. Box is a good table

Travel by ATV (four wheel motorbike) towing a small trailer to carry the camp and supplies.

Map showing Roxby Downs, South Australia.
Roxby Downs, South Australia

At about 1500 square kilometers, Bosworth is one of the smaller holdings.

A fair sized cattle and sheep station, Andamooka Station is about 60 kilometers by 40 kilometers.

Andamooka is also the name of a small opal mining town and opal mining field, within the station.

Andamooka provides some accommodation as well as opal shops. The town is on the end of the bitumen road , making it the gateway to the "real" outback in this part of the country.

Andamooka Waterhole
Loaded up, ready to leave Andamooka Waterhole

An extension of Andamooka Opal Field, White Dam Opal Field, about five kilometers from Andamooka, is a small settlement of caravans and shanty houses among the opal diggings.

The huge, nearby dam on Andamooka Station, pushed up out of white stone and clay, gives White Dam it's name.

A tin shed with half of it closed in as living quarters and the other half open fronted, Bill's Pub was the entertainment centre of White Dam for years.

Before his death, Bill McDougall, owner of Bill's Pub, raised funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS).